Only way you can get away with wearing Yeezys at a concert.
She's not wearing Jordans and you shouldn't either in this scenario.
She’s not wearing Jordans and you shouldn’t either in this scenario.

Words: Stephon Anderson

So you wake up on your off day and as you make your way to the kitchen for breakfast at two in the afternoon, you hear a knock at your door. Nonchalantly you think about ignoring it until you get an alert on your phone saying those new Air Jordan 5s you ordered a week ago are OUT FOR DELIVERY. You rush to the door, sign for your package and open the box as if your five years old and it’s Christmas all over again. After staring at your newly acquired grails for a few hours and posting twenty pics of them on your Instagram, you realize you might want to actually wear them. That’s were this list comes in. We are gonna tell you when AND why, if you really LOVE those kicks, you should either avoid these places OR possibly just never wear them at all (you know our audience way too much – Juan)…

10. Road Trip10. Road Trip

Let’s start with something a bit basic (Jordan 11s? – Juan). Your buddies hit you up and say they think it’s a better idea to drive to Florida for that event you guys wanted to attend. It’ll save money they say. You think it’s the perfect time to share your sense of style with the world.

Wrong. The trip there is filled with dirty car pedals, dusty roads, gas stations with gum and lord knows what else everywhere on the ground. Not to mention those “fancy shoes you got there” are perfect signs to crazy country serial killers that you “ain’t from round there”. Find the best beaters you have and keep one pair of decent kicks in a bag until you get where you’re going. Don’t be a true story some movie is based on.