Nowadays Air Jordan retros sell with little to no marketing on behalf of Nike/Jordan Brand. Let’s face it, why would Nike/Jordan Brand spend money on commercials/ads when the internet takes care of the marketing for them. Aside from the blogs and people buzzin’ about all the upcoming retro releases, the simple history and nostalgia of the shoe helps the sneaker sell itself.


It wasn’t always like that though. They weren’t always considered retros and at one point Michael Jordan and his signature line were actually new to the scene. Nike had to find a way to situate the future star into an Air Jordan ad campaign to help get their name (Jordan and his shoes) out to the public. These ads began running back 1985, and Michael Jordan was in the midst of all of them. The advertising, marketing and branding that was that was done for the Air Jordan campaign had a big hand in making what Jordan Brand is today. Today we’re going to take a look back at some of these awesome commercials that Michael Jordan appeared in to help propel the success that the Jordan signature line is today. For some of you, this may stir up some good memories from back in the day. For others, this may be the first time that you will ever see some of these commercials. Either way, sit back and enjoy 10 of the best Air Jordan commercials of all time.

10Air Jordan 1: Banned

One of the very first Air Jordan commercials that the Air Jordan ad campaign ever created. Highlighting what is considerably one of the most popular sneaker in the most popular colorway, the Air Jordan 1 “Banned” ad let you know that “the NBA threw them out of the game, fortunately the NBA can’t stop you from wearing them”. That line alone made people want want them! This was the beginning of the Air Jordan era.

9Air Jordan 4: Can/Can’t featuring Mars Blackmon

The early Air Jordan ad campaign would go on to feature a lot of Mars Blackmon, and it’s safe to say that Mars was as important and vital to these ads as Michael Jordan was. His persona helped make the commercials fun, entertaining and a complete success. This commercial is simply letting us know what we can and cannot do. Got it!

8Air Jordan 11: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

The Air Jordan 11 is definitely one of the most loved silhouettes Jordan ever came out with, so you know this Air Jordan 11 commercial that has Jordan flying on a pair of “Concords” had to make the list. Classic.

7Air Jordan 16: Much Respect

The shoe itself hasn’t gotten much love over the years. On the other hand, I feel like the commercial was a complete success. Let me set the scene up for you. Jordan was currently retired at that moment, he steps into a gym rockin’ all Jordan apparel, including a brand new pair of 16s. While a game is in progress, people start to recognize him and begin interacting with him. He then proceeds to take off his warm-up and begin school the young men as if he was still in the league. Th icing on the cake? My boy Mos Def playing in the background. Much Respect.

6Air Jordan 14: Last Shot

All kinds of feels on this Air Jordan 14 commercial. I guess it’s true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

5Air Jordan 2: Rockababy

The catchy 80’s upbeat track. The amazing Jordan slam, and the clean look of the Air Jordan 2s at the end of the ad..What’s not to love?!

4Air Jordan 8: What If

Hypothetically speaking, what if Michael Jordan never came out with a signature line? Can you imagine? I can’t.

3Air Jordan 4: Nola featuring Mars Blackmon

Nola, Nola, Nola. If there’s one thing Nola taught us, was that Air Jordan gets the girls! Right! Right?! Right? Isn’t that why we all buy the shoes to begin with? (sneaker satire).

2Air Jordan 3: Hang Time featuring Mars Blackmon

Damn, watching this commercial makes me miss the Jordan 3 even more!

1Air Jordan 12: Tell Me

Best Air Jordans ever made in the second best Air Jordan commercial ever? Yup – EIC Juan Martinez jumping in here because I can and for the record, this is the best


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