Basketball historians and really, really rich Jordan heads rejoiced this week when news broke that the Air Jordan 12 that Michael Jordan wore during the famous “Flu Game” will be made available via an auction. Like a long lost artifact that’s been discovered, it got plenty of people talking about not only that great Air Jordan – arguably his greatest game – but all the great Air Jordans out there that collectors would love to pick up as part of their collection.

While there are plenty of obvious Js that would make great centerpieces, like the actual “Last Shot” 14s or the pair he wore in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics when he scored 63 points, there are more than a few that time has either forgot or is just lower on the totem pole of his amazing performances. But that’s what we’re here for, so let’s take a look at 10 Obscure Air Jordans That We Would Like To See Go For Auction.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, The Associated Press, Nike, Wheaties, AllSport, Upper Deck