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The NFL wants to be the NBA so bad. No, I’m not talking about the popularity or the money because we all know in America football is king. My focus is on the players who want to shine and show off their heat on the field but don’t get a chance to because the No Fun League won’t let them. The NFL’s draconian dress code prohibits their players from getting too loud and flashy unless their cleats match up with the team uniforms. Sometimes they work fine like when Jordan Brand brings retros to Sundays, but other times they’re just bleh…


So since we have to work around the NFL’s rules like we’re Tom Brady, brands should be producing some crossover stuff for some of their bigger-name endorsers to wear along with all of their regular cleats. They don’t necessarily have to wear them all the time, but on a Sunday or Monday night, getting this little bit of extra attention and fun injected into the game is all we really want to see. So here are 10 (Mostly Legal And Conform To The NFL’s Crappy Dress Code) Kicks That Would Make Great NFL Football Cleats.

10Under Armour Curry One Low

Under Armour

Team: Carolina Panthers

It’s a colorway of the Curry One that’s based on the team that Steph Curry grew up watching and supports to this day. Their star quarterback, much like Curry, is an Under Armour athlete. This stuff writes itself sometimes…


9Nike Kobe 7 TB


Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Kobe Bryant’s love-hate relationship with Philadelphia will probably ease up now that Mamba is closer to retirement than he’s ever been, but maybe things would have smoothed over earlier if we had seen Michael Vick rock this team bank colorway of the Kobe 7 during his run in Philly. Nah, they’d still hate him…


8adidas Futurestar Boost

Marion Rocha (via SLAM Philippines)

Team: San Francisco 49ers

We need some Boost on the football field and with my adopted son and new favorite person in the world Carlos Hyde rocking the three stripes, he needs some red and gold Boost goodness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Futurestar because I doubt they’re ready to handle the rigors of football, but something that’s obnoxious red and gold will do.


7Air Jordan 4

Getty Images

Team: San Francisco 49ers (see a pattern?)

It’s time for the Air Jordan 4 to make a return to the gridiron. Ronnie Lott famously wore them during his Hall of Fame career with the 49ers and baseball players/Jordan athletes like Andruw Jones and C.C. Sabathia have received cleated versions of the classics. Since Lott is one of the toughest players to ever play the game, someone of a similar ilk on the Niners – like say, Navorro Bowman – should have the chance to rock them.


6Nike Mercurial X “Multicolor”


Team: Seattle Seahawks

It’s just here to get fined, man. Marshawn Lynch doesn’t seem to mind poking the bear and undermining the NFL, so why not take it even further with some multicolor cleats that will surely get him banned before he even gets onto the field? He’s already tested the league previously with some gold cleats he was planning to wear for a big game so this wouldn’t be too surprising.


5Nike Lunar Force 1 “Robert Kraft”


Team: New England Patriots

What? You’re going to say no to your boss if he asks you to wear these on the field? My money’s on Gronk…


4Reebok Shaqnosis

Team: Houston Texans

J.J. Watt is a dominant freak of nature. I would know because he got me a lot of fantasy points this past weekend. Reebok has not had a big man like this since the good old days of Shawn Kemp and Shaquille O’Neal. Reebok Classics needs to hook Watt up with some modified versions of the Kamikaze or better yet the Shaqnosis to really get people noticing the brand.


3Air Jordan 3

Seattle Seahawks

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Remember when Terrell Owens tried out for the Seahawks a few years back but didn’t make the roster? I still hold a grudge with coach Pete Carroll to this day because he deprived me us of the chance to watch the mercurial wide receiver try to keep up with then-rookie Russell Wilson while wearing team-appropriate Air Jordans.


2adidas Yeezy Boost 750

Sneaker News

Team: Oakland Raiders

Because you know someone in the NFL is crazy enough to do a Nate Robinson and rock adidas Yeezys during an NFL game. My money is that crazy person is on the Raiders. #YeezySeason3 is just going to be all silver and black and you will love it like everything else ‘Ye does.


1Nike LeBron 11 Elite SE


Team: San Francisco 49ers

Ok, the LeBron name is kind of misleading because James hardly wore them (this is really Manu Ginobili’s signature shoe), but there’s nothing misleading about the Elite red and gold colorway. Those are championship-level kicks and what franchise is more synonymous with championships in the NFL than the Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers? Let’s get these fitted for Colin Kaepernick as soon as possible, Nike.


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