Overexposed - Cover 4

We tell you to wear your kicks and enjoy them.  The internet tells you to wear your kicks and enjoy them.  Common sense tells you to wear your kicks and enjoy them.  But that doesn’t mean you have to wear them, to quote Nike, every damn day.  Any sneakerhead worth their weight in sneakers knows that it is all about variety and not blowing your new heat right away.  Wear them once, then save them for a rainy day and you’ll have a crispy pair to show off once everybody else has worn their kicks out.  But not everybody heeds that advice and just rocks away without a care for tomorrow.  It’s a vicious cycle of having to wear the new thing right away and if they can’t afford to buy the new thing next week, they run it to the ground and take pictures of them in different angles and joggers, hoping that each time, attention and new followers will come.

Never is this overexposure more prevalent than during the summertime.  If you’re the type of sneakerhead who appreciates and loves to see what everybody else is wearing (and if you’re reading this, you probably are one of those people), then you’ll notice that the kicks that we featured here was all over the place the past few months.  You couldn’t escape seeing these kicks whether you were at a On The Run concert or a World Cup viewing or at Summerslam or at PAX.  And don’t expect them to disappear just because the season has changed; once the floodgates has opened, there’s no turning back until the next hyped pair drops. Here are 10 Kicks From Summer 2014 That You Saw Way Too Many Times.

Disclosure because I know the comments section: This does not mean these kicks are terrible, it just means that they were seen too much on the streets…