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Mamba is back (in video game form) in the Nike Kobe 8.

This past Thursday, gamers (well, those that don’t understand the concept of and release day shipping) dug deep and camped out to pick the brand new Playstation 4, signaling the start of the new console generation. Sorry, Wii U. As has been the case with recent hardware launches, people are lining up to buy the PS4 not necessarily for the games that are available now, but for the potential of what’s coming down the line. In fact, most of the games available now for PS4 and Xbox One which launches this week are also available on current-gen consoles with the only major difference is the shinier coat of graphics.

And then there’s NBA 2K14, built from scratch. Now there’s next-gen difference for you.

Nice job to work in the “W” in the lace, 2K…

This is not a review of 2K14 by any stretch, mind you. As amazing as the graphics are, I’m still getting used to the gameplay changes which may or may not be for the better and now that I’ve finally mastered last gen’s cumbersome menu system (word to the right stick), they go ahead and switch things up.

But what we can talk about is the drastically improved shoe editor. The visual improvements means that you can really see the textures on the shoe and dig deep in the minutiae with having either dull, semi-shiny or shiny plastic on a particular part of a shoe if you so choose. The implementation of a color wheel instead of having pre-selected colors means you’ve never had a better chance to get that right shade of Concord Purple and included patterns also allows you to get wacky with your kicks.

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Well, at least LeBron is wearing it somewhere.

So here is a look at 10 Kicks That Look Amazing In NBA 2K14. These aren’t necessarily the 10 best kicks in the game, but rather we explore the improvements that were made by 2K Sports in making sure they are step above what we’ve seen before.