The sneakerhead culture over recent years has made a major shift from what it used to be. With resellers, media coverage, publicized camping, and, unfortunately, murders, sneakerheads can get a bad wrap. Even with a sneaker dropping every weekend for unfathomable prices, sneakerheads continue to be the blunt of the joke for poor money management and prioritization skills. As a fellow sneakerhead, it seems unfair some of the labels that have been placed on the majority of the sneakerhead family. With that said, we wanted to take a look at some of the biggest sneakerhead misconceptions and clear some things up.

10Slave To The Jordan Brand

As Jordan Brand continues to cause mass hysteria with a number of scheduled and surprise retro releases, they are a major contributor to an increased media coverage. But, the truth is not every sneakerhead is  a Jordan person – hell, some sneakerheads could care less about JB. Versatility is something a true sneakerhead has. It is similar to investing – never put all your eggs in one basket. Many sneakerhead collections can span across Nike, Reebok, SBs, Asics, DC, and the list keeps going. Every sneakerhead has their own flavor, not just Jordan.

9We’re All Hypebeasts

This seems to come up a lot with the newer generation of sneakerheads, where history is lost for the advancement of keeping up with the Joneses. This just isn’t true though. To be considered a true sneakerhead, you need to have an appreciation for where the shoe came from and what it means to you. Buying a pair of shoes isn’t just about looking good. Hypebeast are out there, but they aren’t sneakerheads.

8Willingly Waste Money For Sneakers

Resellers, right? They have put an ugly smear on the sneaker game. And with that, people tend to think sneakerheads mismanage their money and will spend any amount to get their pair. But, not all sneakerheads throw money away so easily. Everyone has their limit, and all sneakerheads definitely will not spend no matter what.

7Only Stock It, Never Rock It

This may be true for some, but a real sneakerhead keeps their heat on their feet. It’s like the old, rich guy that has a dope Ferrari they drive once a month for 2 miles to the corner store, makes no sense. Sneakerheads want to show off – their individuality, style, and taste.

6Have to Own Every Shoe

Most sneakerheads have a calendar of releases and have circles around the shoes they want. This doesn’t mean a sneakerhead is trying to get every single release, every single year. There is too much diversity among sneakerheads, and everyone has their own specific reasons for copping the pair they did.

5Sneakers Get You Girls

Really? You really think lacing up a pair of J’s is guaranteeing you game? Look, if you have a busted up game, a pair of shoes isn’t getting it done for you. You might get some confidence in your swagger from the sneaks, but end of the day they aren’t sealing the deal.

4You have to Own 100s of Pairs to be a Sneakerhead

Quality not quantity sometimes. Owning a large collection of sneakers isn’t something every sneakerhead strives for. Again, it comes down to the individual and what they get out of sneakers.

3Sneaker Game Only for Kids

Silly rabbit, kicks are for kids. Sneakerheads come in all races, ages, genders, and colors. You don’t have to be 16 and in high school to still appreciate a sneaker, much less rock it out on the town.

2Sneakerheads Is A Boy’s Club

This is a huge misconception. Our female sneakerhead counterparts have been rocking heat for some time, and in most cases looking way better at it! Nothing is sexier than a chick laced up in some fresh kicks.

1Use Sneakers to Profit

Resellers…..again, right? Most sneakerheads have a major issue with what resellers are doing to the game. But what’s worst is people thinking that is a natural part of the culture and that most of us look to profit from sneakers. This really couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you been a victim of any of these stereotypes? Leave a comment below and let us know!