Before the Air Jordan 30 arrives in February, I’d like to go over past retros I’d love to see make a return this year. With Jordan Brand giving all of their shoes the remastered treatment in 2015, and now recently announcing plans for their retro remaster initiative for shoes releasing this year, it’s hard to not get remotely excited for the possible Jordan retro releases of 2016. Jordan Brand plans on making many of their retros as close as the real thing as they possibly can. That includes materials, craftsmanship and when applicable, Nike branding on the shoe. Which led me to think of all the shoes I’d like to see make a return having them look better than ever. While none of these shoes have been confirmed or rumored (except 1) to release this year, I really don’t see anything stopping Jordan Brand from releasing them. As part of the Road to the Air Jordan 30, here’s a list of 10 Air Jordan retros I’d love to see in 2016.

10Air Jordan 4 Lightning


Jordan Brand has released a countless amount of Air Jordan 4 colorways these past few years. Some good, some not so good. While I’m all for creativity and coming out with fresh new colorways, sometimes you need to give give the classics the proper respect. The Air Jordan 4 Lightning deserves the retro treatment. Having been “rumored” to release more than a couple times over the past few years, I think it’s time Jordan Brand officially makes it happen and make lots of us happy.

9Air Jordan 6 Oreo


Over the past few years we’ve seen low top versions of the Air Jordan 6. We’ve seen OG colorways of the Air Jordan 6 make a return. We’ve seen Nike branding appear on the Air Jordan 6, we’ve even seen the Air Jordan 6 become a golf cleat! Although its most “recent” release in 2010 didn’t do so well, I’m willing to bet that the Air Jordan 6 Oreo will do much better this time around. It’s such a clean and classic colorway that I’m sure a lot of us would like to have in our collection.

8Air Jordan 17 Black/Metallic Silver

Flight Club

You rarely get to see Jordans past the Air Jordan 14 get the retro treatment. Last year, Jordan Brand threw us a curve ball and decided to bring back the Air Jordan 20. This year it looks like the Air Jordan 17 will be the token shoe that gets the retro treatment. Back in September, Jordan Brand let us know that there’s a good possibility that the Air Jordan 17+ would be making a comeback this year. Just like the Air Jordan 20 last year, I’m sure they can’t release just one colorway, right? Why not bring back the Black and Metallic Silver colorway you see above? For nostalgic reasons, I’d really appreciate it. Thank, JB.

7Air Jordan 1 Royal


I know, I know. They just released a few years ago. That doesn’t mean everyone who wanted a pair got a pair. What I don’t understand is that Jordan Brand celebrated 30 years in 2015. That means that the Air Jordan 1 also celebrated 30 years in 2015. Sure, Jordan Brand celebrated by releasing a lot of OG colorways such as the Chicago and the UNC, but why wouldn’t Jordan Brand also release the Royal and Bred colorways?! They have a chance to redeem themselves this year. I’d love to own a remastered/ retro remaster initiative version of the Air Jordan 1 Royal. Wouldn’t you? Make it happen JB.

6Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Red Suede


The Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull in the Red Suede colorway is also another shoe that’s been “rumored” to release over the past couple of years. For one reason or another, Jordan Brand decided to not go through with it. Jordan Brand really needs to quit playing with us and stop releasing Air Jordan 5s that look like the Pro Stars and release more Air Jordan 5s that look like the one you see above. Yea, that’d be great.

5Air Jordan 23


It’s a long shot, but being that Jordan Brand “technically” brought back the Air Jordan 23 last year as an exclusive for 32 South Gate flagship store in Chicago, I’d like to see a wider release where the shoe goes back to its roots and looks more like the shoe you see above. I mean, if you’re going to bring it back, bring the original back, right?

4Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey


Another Air Jordan 4 that hasn’t gotten the retro treatment that it rightfully deserves is the Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey. Originally released back in 2004, it’s been 12 years since we’ve last seen it. It’s a classic colorway that deserves to be brought back. We’ve seen plenty of 4s release over the last few years, I’m sure they can fit in this pair somewhere in the 2016 calendar.

3Air Jordan 6 Olympic


I prefer when the Air Jordan 6 has the color blocking you see on the Air Jordan 6 Olympic pictured above. The Air Jordan 6 Carmine and Oreo also share this same style and they’re also my favorite colorways on the Jordan 6. Over the past few years we’ve seen almost every single Air Jordan 6 colorway get the retro treatment. What else is there to be done? One idea would be to go down the line once again and bring back shoes that released 3-4 years ago. First in line should be the Air Jordan 6 Olympic. I’m sure Ray Allen would be happy to hear that.

2Air Jordan 1 Bred


Although there’s already rumors that the shoe is making its return this year, I won’t believe it until it comes out of the horses mouth. The Air Jordan 1 Bred is just as iconic as the Air Jordan 1 Chicago. A shoe that’s filled with so much history should be released every couple of years. That’s one shoe that no one will ever get tired of. I’d love to see this shoe make a return this year.

1Air Jordan 11 Space Jam


Every year, Jordan Brand releases an Air Jordan 11 during the holiday season. Let me make this easy for you Jordan Brand. The movie Space Jam movie turns 20 this year. That should be more than enough reason to make the annual Air Jordan 11 holiday release the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam to celebrate the 20th anniversary. I mean it’s a no-brainer, right? The ball’s in your court JB, make it happen.





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