Last week we gave you 10 Of The Best adidas Kicks That Use Boost Technology that featured some adidas silhouettes that you’re already very familiar with and others that you were looking at for the first time.

To continue with the same topic of adidas’ Boost technology, this week we’re taking a “what if” approach by selecting 10 of our my favorite adidas silhouettes that don’t utilize Boost technology and hoping that they did. I decided to add a mix of runners, lifestyles releases and basketball shoes from the past and the present to mix things up a bit.

10adidas Crazy 8


The adidas Crazy 8 is one of their most popular basketball silhouettes of all time. Fun fact, it was originally Kobe Bryant’s first signature sneaker (was named the KB8) before he left adidas for Nike. That’s probably one of the reasons it’s still popular today. That and its unique zig zag midsole design. Imagine if adidas added Boost technology to the Crazy 8?? It would give the shoe a whole new life!

9adidas Originals Los Angeles


As I’ve mentioned before, the new adidas Los Angeles reminds me of a Nike Flyknit sneaker like the Racer, Trainer or Lunar. Adding a Boost midsole would make this one of adidas’ most sleek and comfortable sneakers out there.

8adidas J Wall 2


We obviously already know that this sneaker won’t feature Boost technology since adidas already unveiled it and it’s expected to release next month. But with the D Rose 6 and Crazylight Boost 2015 both featuring Boost, wouldn’t it have been perfect for adidas to also give John Wall’s sneaker the same treatment? Oh well, I guess. Now we’ll have to wait for the J Wall 3.

7adidas Originals ZX Flux


In my opinion the ZX Flux has been one of the biggest driving forces behind adidas’ strong emergence in the last couple of years. It has been the equivalent to Nike’s Roshe Run in the lifestyle runner category and giving people different prints and materials (we’re still waiting on Primeknit by the way) has made it probably the most popular silhouette in the adidas camp since its debut last year. The addition of Boost may make it a little more expensive, but it may become the most stylist Boost silhouette of all time.

6adidas Originals Stan Smith

The Stan Smith was introduced in the 1960’s and in its 50+ years of existence it has become adidas’ best selling shoe of all time. Yeah, I bet lots of you probably thought it was the Superstar right? Don’t worry, before I found out I thought so too. adidas reported last year that the Stan Smith had sold over 40 million pairs since it’s retail debut. Wow! 40 million! If adidas infused the retro tennis sneaker with Boost technology it would only add to its popularity.

5adidas Originals Tubular


Introduced in late 2014 was the adidas Tubular. This sneaker took inspiration from the the adidas Y-3 line and features a unique tubular sole unit. The neoprene upper provides optimum comfort and gives it a unique look. One of the only complaints that I’ve heard is that the sole is kind of hard, fix that and the shoe would be twice as better. I have a solution, add a Boost midsole and voila!

4adidas Originals SL Loop


Inspired by the adidas SL 72, the Tubular Runner has kind of gotten lost in the mix. This silhouette was also introduced in 2014 and has kind of been abandoned in 2015. There has been a few colorways that have released here and there, but it seems like the shoe may be too similar to the Tubular and the ZX Flux so they may have decided to put in on the back-burner for the time being. Even though it has only existed a short period of time, the addition of Boost technology could give it a 2nd opportunity to prove itself.

3adidas D Lillard 2

The D Rose 6 and J Wall 2 have already been unveiled, so it’s only a matter of time until Damian Lillard’s 2nd signature shoe with adidas is shown to the world. We have seen a couple of leaks that indicate that the D Lillard 2 may be using Boost technology, but nothing has been confirmed until it comes from the horse’s mouth. If the D Lillard 2 were to use Boost then it would automatically be better than the J Wall 2. Here’s to hoping that it does.

2adidas Originals Tubular X Primeknit

Exploding into the scene in the last month or so has been the Tubular X. At the moment there’s a version with a knit upper and another with a Primeknit upper. Both look nice, but both use a sole almost identical to the original Tubular. So we already have the addition of Primeknit on the upper so how about adidas makes a new Tubular X Boost? I think lots of people would dig it.

1adidas Originals Superstar


You knew that the Superstar HAD to make it on this list. This is the shoe that comes to mind whenever i see or someone mentions the name adidas in this particular white and black colorway. If adidas could figure out a way to add Boost to the Superstar without changing the classic look, we would have a huge winner on our hands. They already added a Primeknit upper so why not a Boost midsole next? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


What adidas kicks do you wish were hit with Boost technology? Let me know your choices in the comments below.

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